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The Maidstone Odyssey


After rising from modest beginnings to head a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate, Paul Winston battles the treachery of jealous enemies determined to grab parts of his vast empire, including two attempts on his life that nearly succeed.  Thirty years earlier, Paul was a young aspiring entrepreneur when a regal-looking package arrived by courier from England announcing he’s just become the 12th Earl of Prescott.  To Paul’s astonishment, his late Uncle Percival has also left him a 500-year-old castle, a fortune and a portfolio of decidedly unpleasant surprises.

Paul moves to England where he marries Anne, a beautiful independent minded woman. But his life of pomp and privilege as Lord Prescott is a poor fit for such a rugged self-reliant American entrepreneur.  After years of frustration, he returns home to a big stone house in sight of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Weeks later, Paul is gunned down on the main street of his home town.  The villains also attempt to murder Anne.  They fail both attempts.  Instead, they accidentally kill a kindly woman who was Paul’s surrogate mother.  A desperate second attempt to murder Paul also fails. But a cruel irony takes another life close to him.

An international manhunt for the would-be assassins is mounted by detectives from America and England.  They unmask an elaborate plot to take over coveted parts of the Winston business empire.  The investigation follows a murky trail of bizarre alliances, organized crime and tragic consequences, culminating in a surprise ending.

Copyright 2012  James Osborne  All Rights Reserved

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