Giveaway Time!

As the carnies say, “Come and Get It!!!”

This is  your opportunity to get a personalized signed copy of my novel The Ultimate Threat, absolutely free.

Why? Lots of good reasons:

First, today is the opening day of a draw to giveaway free copies. (See below)

Second, people who know about these things tell me I should be offering book giveaways on a regular basis to promote my books. Sounds like good advice, but I must confess I’ve been lax. (Psst: Been busy writing!)

Third, the first giveaway attracted almost 1,300 entries, so that’s a big incentive for another giveaway.

Fourth, The Ultimate Threat became a #1 bestseller in Amazon’s thriller category.

And fifth, it will scare the pants off you… if you’re so inclined!Pic-THE ULTIMATE THREAT-1

The draw is being handled by Goodreads, a website that helps readers find books to match their interests. They also offer reviews of books by other readers. BTW: reviewers have kindly given The Ultimate Threat an amazing score of 4.03 out of 5, and some really nice reviews. I’m pumped about that!

Anyway, here’s the pitch:

Almost five years of research went into the preparation of this novel, learning about the religious extremists ISIS and about Islam, the religion they pretend to represent but don’t. That research  formed the basis for the plot. Simply put: it’s about the very real possibility of ISIS spreading its savagery across North America in a big way .

We have seen that as ISIS strongholds are being wiped out in the Middle East there has been an increase in attacks by those savages and by copy-cat nutcases in Europe, Africa and America. When written, The Ultimate Threat was not expected to be quite so prophetic as it’s turning out to be. I would have preferred to be wrong, frankly.

(As an aside, my smart and intuitive wife is convinced that my being “randomly selected” three times in a row by airport security for “routine” secondary screening is not a coincidence… that it’s connected to all the online research I conducted into ISIS, al Qaeda, and other religious radicals. She’s right, you know. I’m also convinced this mindless bureaucractic stupidity at airports makes our security vulnerable: chasing ‘shadows’ my age gives the appearance of doing something without having to actually do anything.)

For those unfamiliar with The Ultimate Threat, the novel, will appeal to readers drawn to action-packed novels with lots of blood and gore. Think Stephen King, Nelson DeMille and Clive Cussler.

So here’s a caution for those of a more gentle persuasion: perhaps it would be better to wait. Cover Design-Maidstone ConspiracyIn a couple of months, I’ll be offering a giveaway for my novel, The Maidstone Conspiracy, which combines an engaging murder mystery with a gentle love story. Think Jeffery Deaver  and Agatha Christie.

A few months after that, I’ll be offering a third giveaway… my collection of short stories: Encounters With Life: Tales of Living, Loving and Laughter. I’m delighted to tell you that an international readers’ poll chose Encounters as the best short story collection of 2015 in it’s open class. Yeah, that was pretty nice!

shortstorySo, come on… enter the draw now to win a personalized copy of The Ultimate Threat. Winners will be announced by Goodreads on April 22.  They will send me the addresses of the winners — maybe yours! — and I’ll sign and mail copies within a few days. Here’s a link to that draw:

Oh, almost forgot: The Ultimate Threat also received a major award from that international readers’ poll conducted by Preditors & Editors, an independent website that supports readers and writers. The novel placed third itop10novelthrilln a field of hundreds of other thrillers. I’m kinda pumped about that too! When a writer’s books get this kind of recognition it makes all of the sweat and tears worthwhile.

You can check out The Ultimate Threat on Amazon here: :  and on Facebook here:

(One of these days I’m going to figure out how to condense those damned links!).

One last thing: A recently-released study by Yale University says those who readyou-cant-buy-happiness-but-you-can-buy-books-book-quote books tend to live longer. Well, now, I just happen to know of a few good books I could recommend to help you extend your life span…

Your Welcome!

Hope you have a really great day!

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