We’re Almost There!


Secret Shepherd has just completed it’s rewrite phase and is now being proofread at my publisher’s in preparation for being released to the world! We’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, today we can share with you THE COVER!

Ta Da!

So, what’s all that stuff on the cover about?

Well, Secret Shepherd is a mystery/suspense novel, so there’s an air of the unknown and of uncertainty built into the cover design. Secret Shepherd-CoverThe graphics include a key to a lock, which represents two dimensions of “Secret” that you’ll find in the novel, and there is a white rosebud, representing the “Shepherd” part, that is, the many up-beat dimensions of the novel. And of course there’s the foreboding look of the background and color, to intrigue you just a wee bit more.

Secret Shepherd is Book Two in a series that began with The Maidstone Conspiracy. This story takes place during a time gap in Maidstone and covers the early years in the marriage of the main characters, Paul and Anne Winston. The novel takes you on a journey of discovery that sends Anne and Paul on a mission— investing their great good fortune in the futures of deserving people around the world.

But, hold on… it’s not all that simple, right? Is it ever? Of course, not!

A really big glitch is that Paul and Anne have run afoul of cruel and powerful people. Their unforgiveable transgression was rescuing a promising young man from the clutches of these unsavory folks, who just happen to be leaders of an international drug smuggling syndicate. Paul and Anne’s efforts inadvertently shut down one of the syndicate’s largest drug distribution operations. Oops!

As you can image, that didn’t sit too well with those brutal fellows, who plot revenge by posting a bounty for the deaths of Anne and Paul and their two young children. Then, some bad guys set out to hunt down the young family as they travel around the world, hoping to claim the bounties.

The big question is, will this lovely young family survive?

Coming soon… the many ways that you can find out the answer!

Stay tuned!    th

Just as soon as our friends at Solstice Publishing Inc. have a release date for Secret Shepherd you will definitely be among the first to know! Thank you…




13 thoughts on “We’re Almost There!

    1. Hi Bill
      Great to hear from you! Trust you and yours are doing well. Thank you so much for the good wishes! Much appreciated. Hoping that SECRET SHEPHERD will be released in a few weeks!


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