SECRET SHEPHERD has just gone live on Amazon!

Received word from my publisher, Solstice Publishing Inc., that Amazon has completed posting both the paperback and the ebook editions. So we’re good to go!

There’s a story behind the story… as there often is. SECRET SHEPHERD is a sequel to The Maidstone Conspiracy, another mystery/suspense novel I hope will keep you captivated right to the very last page! But as the plot was evolving, I must confess my attention kept being drawn reluctantly to the anger and to the violence that we are forced to endure on the social media and on the news media.

Secret Shepherd-Cover

It was in that context that I stumbled across a quote that came to inspire SECRET SHEPHERD (almost as much as did my lovely spouse Sharolie!) The quote is by Michael Kelly from his book, “The Rhythm of Life”: “We all need people in our lives, who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.”  

So while SECRET SHEPHERD does indeed pursue vigorously that perpetual struggle between good and evil, it is also about the irresistible power of hope.  I thought, maybe it’s time for a tidal wave of hope!

These sentiments are represented on the cover: The dark background reflects mystery, the key represents secrets to be unlocked, and in the center of the key is a white rosebud representing the blossoming of hope.

As noted in the Postscript to the novel, “The true measure of a person’s worth is found not in what they own, but in how they treat themselves and others.”

Oh, yes… here are the links: to the paperback edition,, and to the ebook edition,

Finally, here’s a summary of the plot, calculated of course to tantalize you and to entice you into using the conveniently located links above!

    Paul and Anne Winston are on a noble mission, but face deadly opposition from cruel and powerful people who fear the wealthy young couple’s ultimate end game: bringing hope and dignity to deserving people… despite overwhelming odds.

    After rescuing a gifted youth from an international drug cartel, the gang retaliates with huge rewards for the murders of them and their two young children.

    But that is just the start of the wealthy couple’s troubles—Paul has discovered the drug boss is having an affair with Anne’s mother. Then things gets worse… police forbid him from telling newly pregnant Anne about it, forcing Paul to break a solemn vow between them.

    SECRET SHEPHERD is a mystery/suspense novel about bringing hope and dignity to deserving people while battling deadly opposition.



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  1. Sounds like another winner to me, Jim. I love your talents as a writer, and also for your basic humanity and belief in righteousness and justice!
    Lois w. Stern
    Creator of Tales2Inspire

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  2. Fantastic news Jim. Another “must have” in time for Christmas Stockings this year. May we all adopt your ardent positivity now and throughout the coming years.

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