The Darrin Chronicles

Darrin was 2½ when he decided to help his grandfather build a bedroom in the basement of his parents’ home. Right after breakfast, he went off to work downstairs, properly equipped with a fresh diaper.  He found his grandfather in the basement bedroom. “You working today, Grandpa?” Darrin asked rhetorically, pudgy little hands tucked in … More The Darrin Chronicles

Rocks From 1,000 Feet

A bucket of rocks was in the way as I climbed into the passenger seat of the light aircraft. ‘Oh, I forgot about those,” the pilot chuckled, looking over from his seat in the cockpit.  “Just put them on the ground outside.   Okay?” Minutes later we were airborne in the two-seater Piper Cub.  I couldn’t … More Rocks From 1,000 Feet

The Day We Lost Bill

We lost Bill the other day.  Jeremy knew everyone would miss Bill.  But he, above all, was especially fond of Bill.  Despite his distress, Jeremy had searched and searched.  He’d looked everywhere.  Not a trace.  Jeremy was so upset it brought tears to his eyes. After more searching and even more searching, Jeremy became frantic.  … More The Day We Lost Bill

Mary’s Birthday

Don was in hospital, even though it was a special day.  The hospital trips were becoming more frequent. Congestive heart failure does that.  When Mary was not at the hospital with him, she was home awaiting his calls. His wife of more than 50 years didn’t like being apart from her doting husband.  Don knew … More Mary’s Birthday