Bear Hugs

It was a ritual.  We called it ‘Bear Hugs’.  The grandkids ran down the front hall at their home and jumped into my arms.  Wonderful!  But one day, that all changed. Jonathan and I started it.  He was almost two then.  He’d come scampering and laughing down the 20-foot hallway and leap into my arms … More Bear Hugs

Making Lemonade

“What’re ya doing, Grandpa?” four-year-old Jennifer asked, skipping happily into her grandparents’ kitchen. “Making my special lemonade for our company,” John replied, turning from the counter to greet his tiny granddaughter.  “They’ll be here soon. Wanna help, sweetheart?” “Yes!” Jennifer said excitedly.  She pulled a kitchen chair over to the counter and climbed up, ready … More Making Lemonade