The Habit

Sister Ella Zink was a conventional nun . . . at first . . . but with a decidedly unconventional future.  In the 1970s, she was a pioneer, often venturing far outside the strict boundaries that governed convent life at the time. Her early career was traditional.  She served as a medical nurse in remote … More The Habit

Getting Rowdy

The neighborhood missed Keith and his family when they moved to the country.  He and his wife Elsabeth wanted their children to enjoy rural life.  But Keith would get a bit more than he bargained for. Their ranch-style house offered a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.  It sat atop a high peninsula of land … More Getting Rowdy

The Salt Lick

Wild deer came every day to the salt lick. Some had fawns, their little cinnamon-colored backs sprinkled with white spots. Occasionally, there were twin fawns. The salt lick was next to a stream on the edge of a clearing in the woods.  Its purpose was practical and that didn’t include deer.  The salt lick wasn’t … More The Salt Lick