Sleeping Over

One weekend their parents agreed Tommy could sleep over at his friend Nick’s home.  The boys were seven.  It would be their first sleepover . . . and their last. Nick’s Mom was a warm, kind-hearted motherly soul who spoke little English.  No need. The smiles that danced in her sparkling blue-green eyes spoke volumes.  … More Sleeping Over

Where’s The Magic?

They hoped for a little magic, maybe even a bolt of lightning.  They’d seen pictures of each other online and were intrigued.  Might this be ‘it’, both wondered? Neither could know their first encounter would be far more challenging than either expected . . . twice over. First, they endured endless questioning and profiling by … More Where’s The Magic?

The Bath

We didn’t have electricity or phone service on our wilderness farm.  Nor did we have sewer, or even a septic tank.  We did have running water . . . only in summer. The running water made Mom’s life much easier.  That’s why Dad did it.  He rigged up an enormous galvanized tank outside our house.  … More The Bath

The Brownies Episode

Rob’s usual pattern was to bike home from school for a quick snack and then bike on to his part-time job.  But one day a delicious distraction lured him into deep trouble. “Wow!  Look at that,” he thought as he walked through the kitchen door of their home.  “Brownies!” Rob’s favorite treat was brownies and … More The Brownies Episode