The Wild Man

“We’re going on a field trip,” our teacher told us just before classes should have started.  His announcement would lead to quite an adventure before that day was over. We were excited . . . none of us had done much schoolwork anyway since early May.  We were happy to escape from our one-room country … More The Wild Man

Tommy’s Christmas Gift

Christmas has all kinds of side effects.  Little Tommy’s Christmas was no exception. To appreciate what happened, we need to understand that most boys are attracted to things mechanical.  Maybe it’s in our genes.  Tommy was no exception.  But Tommy had a disadvantage – there were no male influences in his house, at first. Tommy’s … More Tommy’s Christmas Gift

Empty Nesting

A man from the Salvation Army store came, took one look, and stammered something about being right back. A few hours earlier, we’d described on the phone the amount of surplus furniture filling our extra-large double-car garage. “I’ll be there with the van,” he’d said. “How big is your van?” I asked. “Oh, one of … More Empty Nesting

Water Wings

David never knew his great grandfather, but he loved being out on the water in the late gentleman’s fishing boat.  That affinity for water would soon lead to some memorable experiences. Soon after David would arrive at his grandparents’ cottage, he’d be in the boat and roaring out onto the lake.  Unlicensed 12-year-olds shouldn’t be … More Water Wings