The Foot Race

John Thomas Shelley was a big man, both in stature and in his line of work. He was tall and sported an abundant girth that strained the captain’s chair where he presided over a family table seating up to 12. JT could be firm. He needed to be.  He’d fathered 10 children and was a leader … More The Foot Race

Making Lemonade

  “What’re ya doing, Grandpa?” four-year-old Denise asked, skipping happily into her grandparents’ kitchen. “Making my special lemonade for our company,” Alan replied, turning from the counter to greet his tiny granddaughter. “They’ll be here soon. Wanna help, sweetheart?” “Yes!” Denise said. She pulled a kitchen chair over to the counter and scrambled up, ready … More Making Lemonade