Rein of Error

I wanted to stay home that day. So did my big sister. Our mother had other ideas. Minutes later, Carol and I were outside in the early morning darkness battling a mid-winter blizzard on our way to school. Grumbling, we started across the front yard of our remote farm home. Driving snow stung our faces. … More Rein of Error

The Igloo

“How would you like to see a real igloo?” Bryan asked. “You bet!” I replied. And that’s how I became caught up in a deadly Arctic blizzard. A colleague and I met for coffee at a restaurant in Inuvik, NWT, a town in Canada’s high Arctic, when the ever-gregarious Bryan Samson joined us. He’d become famous by then. … More The Igloo

The Kite

Imagine this.  You open the front door and see your 11-year-old daughter bleeding from cuts to her mouth and face . . . her two front teeth are missing . . . her right arm is broken. That sight greeted Tracey’s mother at their front door one spring afternoon. The full story came out later … More The Kite