Mrs. George

By almost any measure, Mrs. George was eccentric. Maybe it was her hair, dyed the color of the setting sun. Or perhaps it was catching a whiff of her breath, seasoned with drops of perfume. Or it could have been her unusual home, decorated randomly with a whimsical collection of relics from bygone glories. Regardless, all … More Mrs. George

The River and The Sea

Today’s post is a departure.  It’s a review of an exceptional book written by an extraordinary author.  First, the review, and then a bit of the author’s amazing personal story. The River and The Sea The first thought that came to mind after I finished this engaging novel was it has all the elements for … More The River and The Sea

Where’s The Magic?

They hoped for a little magic, maybe even a bolt of lightning.  They’d seen pictures of each other online and were intrigued.  Might this be ‘it’, both wondered? Neither could know their first encounter would be far more challenging than either expected . . . twice over. First, they endured endless questioning and profiling by … More Where’s The Magic?