The Igloo

“How would you like to see a real igloo?” Bryan asked. “You bet!” I replied. And that’s how I became caught up in a deadly Arctic blizzard. A colleague and I met for coffee at a restaurant in Inuvik, NWT, a town in Canada’s high Arctic, when the ever-gregarious Bryan Samson joined us. He’d become famous by then. … More The Igloo

The Snow Caves

“Hey, come with us at recess,” an older kid said one winter morning in school.  “There’s a big snow drift in the valley.” Our schoolyard was bordered on one side by a deep ravine.  In winter, heavy snow and strong winds formed large snowdrifts along one bank.  Those 20-foot drifts of hard packed snow were … More The Snow Caves

No Ordinary Snowstorm

Winters in the northern states can be brutal.  One weekend, a massive snowstorm blew in from the Great Lakes, blanketing St. Paul and most of the surrounding area.  That’s when Jack, the newest articling lawyer at Peters Wilson Atkinson got caught by the storm in a town 30 miles from St. Paul. He’d been visiting … More No Ordinary Snowstorm