Great News !!

I’m delighted to share with you some good news.

Amazon is now selling the book ‘Tales2Inspire’ which includes my award-winning story, “Dragonflies and The Great Blue Heron”.  If you’d like to check it out, my story is eighth in line  in the Table of Contents . . . and have a boo at the back cover photos and writeups.

Here’s the link:


Okay, enough of this one-finger typing for one day . . .



2 thoughts on “Great News !!

  1. Congratulations, Jim. Why are you typing with just one-finger? On vacation with just your Ipad or smart phone? We’d love to have a copy of your book but just can’t afford to buy any more books for the time being. If you are interested in a trade for one of our books at any time, just let us know. We missed you at the last Writer’s Group meeting. Best wishes.


    1. Sorry to hear it. Ian has great sympathy as he lost the top joint to his finger years ago in a freak accident at work. They were able to transplant the fingernail down to the top of the next joint though and it works fine – just a bit short. We hope you will heal up well. It’s lousy to be out of commission in the summer, eh?


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