It’s a Winner!

Wow! Still more good news. My novel “The Maidstone Conspiracy” has won the McGrath House Indie book award for best Contemporary Fiction.

London-based McGrath House issued the announcement a short time ago. Pretty cool. Contemporary Fiction is one of nine categories. McG 2017 WinnerPanels of judges selected five finalists in each category from among English-language books published around the world. Then it was up to readers and supporters to decide.

My deepest thanks to everyone to took the time to vote for The Maidstone Conspiracy. YOU made this happen! I am very, very grateful

“This is great recognition for your book,” McGrath House said in its statement. “And we are pleased to celebrate your success… !”

I’m doing a happy dance, thanks to all of you! If you would like to check out The Maidstone Conspiracy further, here’s a link to the listing on Amazon:

Cover Design-Maidstone Conspiracy


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