Sold Out!

Here’s an update on SECRET SHEPHERD.

Had a fantastic book signing event on Dec. 8. In two hours, sold out all of the copies of SECRET SHEPHERD that the bookstore had in stock plus everything I had in reserve!

Also sold a a few copies of THE MAIDSTONE CONSPIRACY, which is the first book in the Maidstone series, and ENCOUNTERS WITH LIFE, my collection of short stories my lovely wife likes to describe as “magical!” It’s truly gratifying to have fans!

I’m guessing the wonderful early reviews are playing a big role in the early success of SECRET SHEPHERD. You can check them out here:

 One recent review is most encouraging. It’s from James Murray, an author and publisher based in San Antonio, TX:

SECRET SHEPHERD is a love story, a story of sacrifice for the greater good, a story of hope for a world with a better future, and it’s a spellbinding tale of deceit and greed all rolled into one brilliant work of fiction. 

Wow! I am in awe… and deeply grateful!

Back to the book-signing:

A story in the local newspaper a few days prior to the event certainly was a big help, as were the emails sent out to local friends and acquaintances. Hey, people can’t participate in events they don’t know about. Maybe the egg nog suggested by my wonderful life partner, Sharolie 🙂 was a big help also, as perhaps were the candy canes and chocolates we gave out . 

🙂 I am very grateful to Sharolie for her fabulous support every step of the way, from inspiring SECRET SHEPHERD to providing her indispensible help at the book-signing!

Life is good!

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