Twice Lucky

     It’s a great pleasure to advise you that SECRET SHEPHERD was one of four novels chosen by my publisher, Solstice Publishing Inc., (@SolsticePublishing) for their new promotion called “Summer Dreams”.

summer dreams 3

    I’m very pleased that this is the second year SECRET SHEPHERD has been

chosen for the publisher’s summer promotion out of dozens of possible

choices. In case you’d like to have a look, here’s the link to the Amazon


SECRET SHEPHERD is the second book in my suspense/mystery trilogy, The
Maidstone Series. The first is my award-winning novel, THE MAIDSTONE
CONSPIRACY, namesake for the series.
   The novels follow the philanthropic adventures of Paul and Anne Winston
as they travel the world finding not only imminent danger but also
opportunities to help others with the unexpected wealth they’ve inherited.
   The third book in the series, as yet untitled, continues the young couple’s
mission as well as their risky encounters with the dark side of life. They
learn that beneath the superficial  images of legitimate need lurk the
awfully compelling emotions of anger and greed that have been unleashed
upon the innocent men, women and children that Paul and Anne have set
out to help find better lives.
   We’ll keep you posted here as Book Three comes in for a landing. Please
stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Twice Lucky

  1. Thank you so much Olga! Hope you find time to read SECRET SHEPHERD and that you enjoy it as much as others have. One kind reader told me, “I couldn’t put it down!” Another accused me of causing her to miss lunch because she couldn’t put it aside long enough. High praise. Wonderful feedback. Motivation!

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  2. Jim, I’m always extra happy when I hear good news from you! Now I think I was going to write a review for one more of your books (or a new edition of one of your books), but somehow lost track of which one. Please tickle my brain a little and let me know!

    😗 🥱 🥱


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  3. Congratulations Jim! Hope you and your family are all hale and hearty!❤️❤️❤️

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