ISIS – They’re at it again

With those lunatics ISIS on the move again, I’m reminded that my novel THE ULTIMATE THREAT may be of interest.

After THE ULTIMATE THREAT was published, one of the reviewers said the novel seemed so real it made a credible leap into the realm of the probable. And I was delighted when the novel made Amazon’s bestsellers lists twice, including once at #1 .

Here’s the pitch:

THE ULTIMATE THREAT tells it like it is … a chilling look at the senseless brutality of the religious extremist group ISIS … with a compassionate exposé of the horrendous suffering their savagery has inflicted upon millions of innocents. 

This is intended as a jarring wake-up call, stepping beyond fiction, and reaching firmly into the realm of the possible … even the probable … now that the American withdrawal from Afghanistan has created new openings and opportunities.

I spent three years researching the litany of ISIS atrocities and then I superimposed them upon American cities to showcase what ISIS intends to do in North America and elsewhere, unless they are stopped. 

If you’d like to have a peek, here’s the link:

AMAZON.COMThe Ultimate Threat: The Enemy Has Arrived …The Ultimate Threat: The Enemy Has Arrived …

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