Rein of Error

I wanted to stay home that day. So did my big sister. Our mother had other ideas. Minutes later, Carol and I were outside in the early morning darkness battling a mid-winter blizzard on our way to school. Grumbling, we started across the front yard of our remote farm home. Driving snow stung our faces. … More Rein of Error

Dinner From Hell

Some family gatherings are best forgotten. This would be one on them. The fact is William didn’t want to be there in the first place. A visit to his wife’s family was not among his favorite experiences. But 40 years of marriage, he reasoned, teaches you to do things for your spouse just because they … More Dinner From Hell

Finding Plato

People of a ‘mature persuasion’ know these things to be true: When having problems with your computer, ask your kids for help. If it’s urgent, ask your grandchildren. And so it came to pass one day in our den. Our family had just received our first home computer with all of the usual accouterments: monitor, … More Finding Plato

Empty Nesting

A man from the Salvation Army store came, took one look, and stammered something about being right back. A few hours earlier, we’d described on the phone the amount of surplus furniture filling our extra-large double-car garage. “I’ll be there with the van,” he’d said. “How big is your van?” I asked. “Oh, one of … More Empty Nesting