Healing Energy: A True Story


Chayton was visiting his grandmother one afternoon when he developed a stomachache.

“Let’s make a healing energy ball,” she said, wanting to soothe her four-year-old grandson’s discomfort.

She held her hands cupped one above the other, at first facing each other, and then side by side, again facing each other, and then in different directions.


Chayton watched as her hands moved gently around and around, and in and out, making an imaginary ball.  Her hands moved as if kneading invisible bread dough, except this was very different.

“I can feel the healing energy and it is glowing,” his grandmother said calmly, a loving smile on her radiant face.  “It’s bright green, like the color of the earth.”


She slowly eased her cupped hands a few inches towards him.

“The energy wants to come to you,” she said.

“May I let it enter your tummy?” she asked, moving her hands closer to his midsection. “This’ll make it all better.”

Chayton nodded, his trusting eyes fixed on his grandmother.

Then her cupped hands gently edged still closer, as if presenting the invisible ‘energy ball’ to his stomach for it to embrace.  He watched each of her moves closely, wide-eyed.  His face showed wonder and apprehension mixed with skepticism.

Chayton went home happy that day, the pain of his stomachache evidently gone.  He didn’t complain about it, at least.

Now we should point out, this precocious young man is aptly named.  The word, Chayton, is Navaho for ‘falcon’ or ‘hawk’, and his intellect truly soars, well beyond his age group.  He remembers everything, and by the time he was four was creating complex concepts and discussing them substantively with adults, to the surprise of those he met for the first time.


A few weeks after his stomachache episode, Chayton was home with his mother.  Tam’s a single parent.  She was struggling with a promising relationship.

Most adults will have experienced these struggles.  As we all know they can be emotionally painful.  This was no exception.

One afternoon, Chayton came into Tam’s home office expecting to find her at work as usual.  He found his mother at her desk in tears.  She quickly regained her composure, but Chayton noticed.

A few hours later, they were in the living room playing a game just before supper.  Chayton could see his mother was still unhappy.

He walked over and stood in front of her, forming his hands into an ‘energy ball’ as his grandmother had shown him.  Chayton stretched his little arms out towards her heart, his hands cupped, saying:  “Here Mommy, this healing energy ball will make your heart happy again.”

And so it did.


“Healing Energy: A True Story” is Copyright 2013 by James Osborne  All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Healing Energy: A True Story

  1. Sweet story! Our children (and grandchildren) pick up our energy and learn so many valuable life lessons from us. It doesn’t take expensive gadgets, it just takes us giving of ourselves to form a lasting,meaningful bond.


  2. Just saw your blog on the bottom of your e-mail when I got home and looked on the laptop rather than the cell phone. Loving the stories and I see you have found a wonderful outlet for your extraordinary talents.


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