Terrorists are the Real Infidels


Recently, a site called BestStory.ca accepted an article I wrote about prejudice against Muslims in the West.  My article presents evidence that the terrorists have bamboozled us.  They’ve been conning us into believing that some Muslims are terrorists.  It suits their purpose.  The fact is, those terrorists may be religious extremists, but they most certainly are not Muslim extremists.  There’s no such thing as a Muslim extremist. And them saying so doesn’t make them so.

Misuse of the Muslim faith doesn’t end there.  For generations, autocratic regimes and the misguided Muslim clerics that they harbor have selectively misinterpreted the Quran, Islam’s most holy book, in order to oppress their peoples, particularly women.

I must share with you two things:

1. Before accepting my story about Muslims, BestStory.ca put it through a rigorous editing and fact-checking process.  I was impressed.  That’s because the site specializes in long-form journalism, presenting thoroughly researched, in-depth analyses and commentaries.

2. Full disclosure: BestStory.ca accepts no advertising. So all of its revenue comes from the 40 cents per article it charges readers. And that’s how us freelancers get paid. The good news is you can browse summaries of the interesting stories there without charge at https://beststory.ca. I hope you will.

3. One more confession before you click on that BestStory.ca link, https://beststory.ca.  My story appears almost exactly as I wrote it.  One exception is the headline.  I’m disappointed to say it is misleading and contradicts the story.  You’re right; I didn’t write it. The headline says, “Terrorism by Muslim extremists not connected with Quran’s teachings”.  This contradicts the key premise in my story — that while terrorists claim to be Muslims, they are NOT Muslims.  Most religious academics and clerics agree with me.  Now, the headline writer owns BestStory, so he gets to tack onto stories whatever headlines he decides.  That is, he has the right to be wrong. But then, I happen to own this blog.  And that means I get to tell you whatever else I feel you need to know about the story, including the headline.  So, Hallelujah! for that.

Below are the opening paragraphs from my story, followed by a summary of it (a.k.a., a ‘teaser’):


Terrorists are the Real Infidels

By James Osborne

Prevailing wisdom would have us believe al-Qaeda and a host of other terrorist groups are Muslim extremists. To be sure, they are extremists, but let no one tell you they’re Muslims. They are not.

Studies by religious scholars confirm what most people of good will should know: the form of religion these terrorists profess has nothing to do with the Koran (a.k.a., Quran), the primary holy book of Muslims. In fact, Muslims are deeply offended by such claims. They disavow any connection with those false pretenders to the Islamic faith.

“As American Muslims and scholars of Islam, we wish to restate our conviction that peace and justice constitute the basic principles of the Muslim faith.” This unequivocal rejection of terrorism was signed by 57 leaders of North American Islamic organizations, 77 intellectuals and dozens of concerned citizens honoring the anniversary of 9/11.

(see more at https://BestStory.ca)


Summary by BestStory.ca:

Terrorism by Muslim extremists not connected with Quran’s teachings
Writing from Vernon, British Columbia

Despite denunciations of terrorism by Muslim moderates, the predominantly Christian Western world continues to harbor prejudices against Islamic culture, fed by a cliché-prone news media which headlines terrorist groups, as well as oppressive, totalitarian regimes and practices. A reading of the Quran shows that, like the Bible, the heart of its message is peaceful, harmonious coexistence. Now it the time for open-minded Western society to stop allowing its perception of all Muslims to be influenced by a violent, fundamentalist minority that lays claim to Islam but does not in any way even remotely resemble the Muslim faith.



3 thoughts on “Terrorists are the Real Infidels

  1. So happy tot see you moving forward in your writing career, Jim. Keep up the good work!! Haven’t read your article yet, but I will when I come up for air.

    Warm regards,



  2. I just signed up for Beststory.ca and read your article Terrorists Re the Real Infidels, Jim. it is excellent and certainly thought-provoking and one which should be recommended reading for everyone. Unfortunately the terrorists probably won’t read it! But may it stimulate many of us who abhor the distorting of legitimate religious belief, whether Muslim, Christian, atheist or whatever. Would that we could all live in peace and mutual respect as God intended. Incidentally, I found your title much more appropriate than the one selected by the Best Story editor. I perused the topic list on Best Story and found both Islam and Judaism listed, but not Christianity. I consider your topic to be both Islam and Christianity. Thanks for sharing your excellent writing.
    Gayle Moore-Morrans


  3. So glad you are taking your writing more and more seriously, and polishing as you go. Great work! How ironic, Jim, that they changed your headline, and by so doing gave the casual reader a false impression. I don’t know why journalist change our titles. Several yeas back I had that happen with one of my stories that got published in the NYTimes. I liked my title so much better than theirs, and felt the one they substituted trivialized the story, BTW: That’s a story I am including in the T2I Sapphire Collection.

    Carry on and thanks again for such a wonderful testimonial. Don is putting it up on our new website.
    Warm regards,


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