Mother’s Day

My daughter Carrie, mother of two, posted these words on her Facebook page for Mother’s Day.  Her thoughts are brilliant.  I want to share them with you.


By Carrie Broughton

“I’ve been damn lucky in life. My mother was a truly amazing woman, and I’ve had other wonderful ‘mother-like’ women in my life:

“My aunty Gail – who always loved me like we were blood (even in my late teens/early 20’s when, frankly, I was rather unlovable!); My favourite ex-mother in law, Deb Keaton – who defines grace and wisdom, and is THE BEST Grandmother, hands down; my dad’s wonderful wife Sharolie. I was a little slow to figure out what my dad realized right away – she’s pretty special. She speaks of my mom with admiration and love, though they never knew each other, of course. What a gift she gives to us in that simple act.

“Thanks to all of the moms I have known – some who birthed their own children, raised those who they did not birth, those who love everyone’s children as though they were their own! It’s not the birthing that makes you a mom – it’s the loving.”

Yeah, I’m a mighty proud dad!

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