Story Time!


As you know, an abundance of good news has found its way into our corner of the world this summer. And today, we have even more to share with you.

Some of my short stories are about to be published in four different anthologies, starting today through to December.

The first of these has just been released. It’s called Unforeseeable Consequences, an anthology of six action-packed short stories with surprise endings. That book includes a story I wrote about law enforcement having to deal with a conspiracy involving an organized crime family and religious extremists called With Hostile Intent.

Unforseen Consequences anthology

Unforeseeable Consequences has just been posted for sale on Here’s the link: The editorial entrepreneur behind this tantalizing assemblage of chilling tales is James Murray, an accomplished writer, blogger and retired pharmacist, whose stories of his own experiences as the owner of a chain of pharmacies will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

The second and third anthologies, also being announced for the first time today, so you are (almost) the first to hear, are Tales2Inspire — The Pearl Collection, Stories to Tickle Your Funny Bone, which will be publishing my story The Pantomine Hunter, and Voices From The Valleys that has accepted my award-winning story, Dragonflies and The Great Blue Heron, and possibly one other story.

Tales to Inspire is being published by New York author and editor Lois Stern, the driving force behind the brilliant Tales2Inspire series of four books. This latest will be her fifth anthology. I was flattered to have two of my stories included in her first anthology.

The third book is called Voices of The Valleys. I’m pleased to tell you that all of the authors with stories included in this anthology have agreed to donate their proceeds to Doctors Without Borders Canada. Heading up the project is Jody Renner, an extraordinary author, editor, writing judge and guest speaker, who is also donating her considerable skill and experience.


Jody is an expert on writing. Her books have sold widely across Canada and the US: Captivate Your Readers, Fire Up Your Fiction and Writing A Killer Thriller. Voices From The Valleys is due for release in December.

The fourth anthology you already know about. It’s called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and will be released in a few weeks by Solstice Publishing, Inc., of Farmington, MO. It will carry my fun story about Halloween called The Halloween Outhouse Caper.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I’ll  share with you the links to the other three books just as soon as they are available.  Hope you’ll have a look, and maytbe even make copies of them your very own! Happy reading.




Image Credits: Cover designs courtesy of the specific publisher or editor mentioned above; Illustrations courtesy of Google Images.

5 thoughts on “Story Time!

  1. Good news from my T2I authors never ceases to please me, so congrats again to you, Jim.

    Title of new book is: Tales2Inspire ~ The Pearl Collection Stories to Tickle the Funny Bone

    Wondering how the Voices anthology charity connection works as I have seen this before with other published books,have never looked into i, but would like to understand the specifics.

    Warm regards, Lois



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