LIMITLESS – A Very Special Project


I’m pleased to announce that two of my short stories are about to be published in a very special international anthology due for release on October 31.

What makes this so special is that all proceeds from the anthology, aptly named LIMITLESS, go to a foundation that’s helping people uprooted by wars in the Middle East to rebuild their lives. And the patron for the AMAR Foundation is none other than Prince Charles. 

One of the stories is called “Dragonflies & The Great Blue Heron”, a real-life love story. It’s the signature story leading off my collection, ENCOUNTERS WITH LIFE – TALES OF LIVING, LOVING AND LAUGHTER. I’m really pleased to say the book was named Best Short Story Collection of 2015 by an international readers poll.

The second story is called “Rein of Error”, a creative non-fiction memoir about the consequences of being different half a century ago. It will be making an appearance soon on my website, flattering part is the two stories are among only 39 from among submissions that came in from around the world.

The galley proofs arrived the other day, which means we are on track for the planned October 31 release!  It’s a huge job to edit any book, and especially a 325-page anthology containing 39 stories. Normally in the publishing world, we’d be looking at a year or more from submission deadline to publication. So, a short timeline like they have set for themselves is remarkable.

There’s more good news. Publisher McGrath House has dropped the price for the pre-order Kindle version to 99 cents (US). The price will go up on release date October 31, probably to $4 or $5 (US) (TBD). The print version price has not been announced yet. McGrath House hopes to release both formats simultaneously.

You might like to know that while reading through the galley proofs, I was blown away by the biographies of some authors. One of them has 14 novels published, another 13 books (novels, poetry and collections of short stories), and there’s a poet with seven books of poetry published. Wow, that is some auspicious company. A very nice feature, too, is that a few of the writers are having their work published in LIMITLESS for the very first time, and their work is impressive.

It’s humbling that two of my entries were chosen from among stories and poems submitted by writers from countries such as Australia, Portugal, Thailand, England, Ireland, the United States, India, Greece, The Philippines, and elsewhere. Oh yes, and Canada

All of the money raised will be administered by the AMAR Foundation, which is based in London, UK. The writers are contributing their stories free of charge, and McGrath House is donating its services.

Those wishing to pre-order can click on this link:

Wonderful project… proud to be part of it.




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