It’s A Bestseller!


Big surprise recently: Woke up a few days ago to find that Amazon had ranked my novel, THE ULTIMATE THREAT as the #1 bestseller in its Military-Thriller category.

Big celebration, to be sure.  But not to be caught up in the euphoria, since later that day it had slipped to second place, between two Tom Clancey novels. Still, we were in awesome company. Mighty humbling. And now, a few weeks later, THE ULTIMATE THREAT has stayed in the top 50, for now. Version 2

I should have posted the good news here sooner. Hey. I’m busy at work on it’s sibling… a.k.a., sequel. No name yet. One book at a time, right? I’m just about finished another book… the sequel to THE MAIDSTONE CONSPIRACY. You know, that’s the book that won a nice international award a few weeks ago. Lucky! Really lucky!

Anyway, that novel is another mystery/suspense with a heap of adventure and a whole bunch of heart. That’s why it’s working title is SECRET SHEPHERD. The publisher may have other ideas. They get to do things like that.

Below is the link if you’d like to have a look at THE ULTIMATE THREAT. Amazon allows you to read a few pages. They do that to tempt you! (I could get to like them!)

So if you order a print copy, I will make you this offer: I will sign and personalize it for you. Here’s how that works: you buy and have the book sent to my address (I’ll email my street address to you if you PM me on Facebook). Once signed, I’ll send it to you by mail at no extra charge. Such a deal, right?

Oh, yeah… here’s that link.


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