A 2nd Edition Is Coming!

You were promised the next post here would be on a lighter vein than the last one. So here it is. Just signed a contract with my publisher for the second edition of my thriller novel, THE ULTIMATE THREAT.

The first edition was completed in 2014 and was published in June 2015. As you know, it became an Amazon bestseller twice, most recently last December.

The second edition will contain updates tracing the latest in the failed plans of ISIS to conquer territory in the Middle East. My research for the second edition confirms that second editionbarbaric movement’s new strategy: those isolated assaults against innocents on a global scale are part of their new plan. We can expect to see more and more of that, sadly.

Back to the happy news: My publisher, Solstice Publishing Inc., is working on a new cover design. I’ll share that with you when it’s ready to be announced. We don’t have a release date either, but it’s likely to be later this year or early in 2019. Yeah, there are long timelines in this business.

All of this came about after the original publisher in the UK was restructured; one of the original partners wanted out. That allowed me to repatriate the rights to publish THE ULTIMATE THREAT. Solstice picked up both ebook and print rights.

Kinda cool! Never thought any of my books would ever go to a second edition. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised in this crazy business. There’s never a dull moment. Keep you posted!

9 thoughts on “A 2nd Edition Is Coming!

  1. Congratulations, Jim, on one more notch in your writing career belt. So proud of you! Keep up the good work!


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