Mighty Pleased!

Hi Folks:

Its a great pleasure to tell you that I’ve just signed a contract for my latest novel!

Its called Secret Shepherd. The novel is a mystery/suspense and a sequel to my earlier mystery novel, The Maidstone Conspiracy. 

th-1On the surface, Secret Shepherd looks much like a traditional mystery and suspense novel, but there are strong parallel themes … happy themes. The reason is this: My guess is other folks are as tired of the daily negativity in the news and on social media as I am. So I’ve knit into Secret Shepherd generous helpings of heart and compassion, to go along with lots of nail-biting suspense, adversity and challenge … of course!

Here’s a sneak peek at the story:

Just one act of kindness has put the lives of philanthropists Paul and Anne Winston in jeopardy. After they rescued a gifted youth from a life of crime, an angry international drug syndicate compromised by their rescue has retaliated with rich bounties for anyone who assassinates the wealthy young couple.

And that is just the start of their troubles: Paul has discovered the drug boss who ordered the hits is having an affair with Anne’s mother. 

Hope you’ll find that enticing!

Some folks may recall that last year The Maidstone Conspiracy won an international award in a competition sponsored by McGrath House of London, UK. That and lots of encouraging feedback from readers provided the incentive to get on with a sequel. So I did, after two years of research and writing.

The next steps now for Secret Shepherd are a cover design and to work with an editor from my publisher, Solstice Publishing Inc., of Farmington, MO. These steps can take months. I don’t have a release date yet. Its a bit early. Publishers have the final. But you can be sure I’ll keep you posted.

Also in the publication queue is the second editon of The Ultimate Threat, my thriller novel. As I announced earlier this summer, its currently in the process of being edited at Solstice.


The second edition is an update of the original including current developments. I’m pleased to say it was a #1 Amazon bestseller twice, first on its original release in 2015 and again last November.

A new cover has been developed but a release date for that novel is still not set either, pending final editing. Yeah, these things do take time. But, hey, I’ll keep you posted on this one, too!

Hope you have a spectacular day!

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