This Is Nice!

Well now … this is kinda nice. Not sure whether to be embarrassed, or delighted, or both … so here it is.

We’ve just learned that my latest novel, SECRET SHEPHERD, has been shortlisted for another award. It’s called The Reader’s Choice Award.
This is a big awards program with categories ranging from children’s to sci-fi, and religious to thrillers.

Here’s how it works. A panel of judges selects a short list in each of 16 categories from among thousands of books submitted by authors or publishers or readers around the world. Past winners have included books by actors Henry Winkler and Jim Carrey, New York Times bestsellers, as well as books submitted by Random House and Simon & Shuster.

SECRET SHEPHERD was one of thirty novels chosen to be a finalist in the Mystery genre from among hundreds entered in that category. So we’re pumped!

Now it’s up to others … you I hope … once more. Award officials have invited readers and fans to vote on their favorites.

As you can imagine the competition is fierce. The Mystery category includes many excellent novels by some outstanding authors, so I’d be delighted to have your vote for SECRET SHEPHERD.

If you’re so inclined, please click on the link below to reach the voting pages. The Mystery category is on Page 10. Once there, scroll down until you see the cover photo of SECRET SHEPHERD. Click on it and you’re done … with my gratitude! Here’s the link: (Note: Some computers have a pop-up blocker. You may have to disable it temporarily in order to vote.)

In addition to the award, the top ten winners (from all categories) will be considered by a literary/talent agency, a movie studio, a book publisher and a top book marketing publicist. Hey, nothing ventured … right?

Many thanks!

8 thoughts on “This Is Nice!

  1. SUPER NEWS! Jim I voted for SECRET SHEPHERD and tried to add a comment, but I’m not sure that it got into the comment box. 🙏 Lois



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