2 thoughts on “Best Wishes to You & Yours!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jim and your entire family. You are such a truly wonderful man. It is quite interesting how you have come into your own as you age. I am so impressed by your writing – not only the quality, but the volume. I am planning on rereading your short stories yet again – they have given me such enjoyment and they also have a calming effect.
    I think I was at a loss when I first retired; now I enjoy reading more than ever, and have taken a special joy in friendships, family, and people in general. It’s those special friends/friendships who I hold in great regard – they are part of who I am.
    When we can travel out west again, I hope to reconnect with you, Dave and Gail, Bamford, and Benson – it would be fantastic if we could all be together for a weekend. Our Saskatchewan friends are among the most special persons in our lives. We love you all dearly. Joan, Gail, and Judy will always be in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs… ❤


  2. Hi Marilyn
    What lovely words! Thank you so much for those wonderful sentiments. Yes, it would be so nice to reconnect with Fun Club in Regina. I’m so glad you are relaxing into retirement, and I’m just delighted that you enjoy my writing.
    Hope you and Alan abd your family keep well and stay safe!


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