That One Percent

All of us have the right to be heard. Whether we agree with them or not, these include anti-maskers and other conspiracy theorists. Prominent among their arguments is this: “What’s the big deal, after all only 1% of patients die from Covid?” 

A nurse that I know is among those front-line workers who are battling desperately day after exhausting day to save the lives of Covid-19 patients. She passed along the statistics below, based on that 1% mortality rate. They’re sobering. In this case the death rate is applied to Canada. For a US comparison, multiply the numbers by 8.75 (to ease the math use 10). Here goes:

Canada has a population of 37,742,154. If one percent of the population dies, that’s 377,422 people dead. Mercifully that’s not happened … yet. Three hundred and seventy-seven thousand people dead would bring excruciating grief to tens of thousands and throw a monkey wrench into the economy. 

What follows is equally sobering. For every person who has died of Covid so far:

  • 19 more were hospitalized
  • 18 of those 19 have permanent heart damage for the rest of their lives
  • 10 have permanent lung damage
  • 3 will have strokes
  • 2 have neurological damage leaving them with chronic weakness and loss of coordination
  • 2 have neurological damage resulting in reduced cognitive function

So now that 1% becomes:

  • 7,171,009 hospitalized
  • 377,422 dead
  • 6,793,588 people with permanent heart damage
  • 3,774,215 people with permanent lung damage
  • 1,132,265 people with strokes
  • 754,843 people with muscle weakness
  • 754,843 people with loss of cognitive function

So please, until the vaccine can improve things:

– wear your mask (OVER your nose and mouth please)

– wash/disinfect your hands regularly

– stay two meters (six feet) apart.

7 thoughts on “That One Percent

  1. “- wear your mask (OVER your nose and mouth please)

    – wash/disinfect your hands regularly

    – stay two meters (six feet) apart.”

    Such a very little bit to ask.

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  2. Jim, aren’t you glad you live in Canada, and thus able to avoid most of the nonsense perpetrated by certain people in our government? Hopefully soon more credible officials with preside.

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  3. Hi Lois
    Oh yes, my friend, I’ve been much relieved these past 4+ years to live in Canada, for both good reasons: personnel and now covid. I’m delighted for family and for wonderful friends like you living in the US to see the impending resolutions for both. My you and yours stay safe and keep well through the holiday season and into 2021!

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