A Double Header

We’ve a double header of good news to share with you today.  First, a short story of mine has been chosen for an anthology of stories by authors from all over the world. Second, an international writers’ association has included my latest novel SECRET SHEPERD in a 10-book giveaway set for October.  The anthology is … More A Double Header

Fall Reading

I’m very pleased to tell you that my publisher, Solstice Publishing Inc., has included my latest novel, SECRET SHEPHERD, on a poster promoting six novels as fall reading selections! They publish dozens of books a year so it is a special treat to have my latest novel included. Awesome! As you may recall, SECRET SHEPHERD … More Fall Reading

This Is Nice!

Well now … this is kinda nice. Not sure whether to be embarrassed, or delighted, or both … so here it is. We’ve just learned that my latest novel, SECRET SHEPHERD, has been shortlisted for another award. It’s called The Reader’s Choice Award.This is a big awards program with categories ranging from children’s to sci-fi, … More This Is Nice!


On this day, fifteen years ago, we lost a wife, a mother, a nana, a sister, a friend to thousands. Judi Osborne was the cornerstone of our lives. We may have lost her physical presence, but we continue to celebrate Judi’s amazing energy, her intelligence and her exemplary character. Judi was a remarkable woman who … More Fifteen

Excerpt, As Promised

Okay folks, as promised, here are the first two chapters of SECRET SHEPHERD. Hope you enjoy it enough to find your way back here to this link to the Amazon listing (www.amazon.com/dp/1730955630) who will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect while you buy your very own copy of this award-winning novel, in paperback … More Excerpt, As Promised

Thanks Is Not Enough!

It’s hard to know where to begin thanking everyone who helped make it possible for Secret Shepherd to be named Best Mystery Novel of 2018.  So will everyone who voted for it please take a bow!  Thanks to your wonderful support, Secret Shepherdmanaged to come out on top in a field of 20 nominated books. You’re AWESOME!!! … More Thanks Is Not Enough!

Sold Out!

Here’s an update on SECRET SHEPHERD. Had a fantastic book signing event on Dec. 8. In two hours, sold out all of the copies of SECRET SHEPHERD that the bookstore had in stock plus everything I had in reserve! Also sold a a few copies of THE MAIDSTONE CONSPIRACY, which is the first book in … More Sold Out!

Five Stars!

Its a great pleasure to share with you the very first review of SECRET SHEPHERD, which was just posted on Amazon. A highly respected New York editor and publisher, Lois W. Stern, gave it a five-star review! I am deeply humbled by her generous assessment. She closed her review with these fine words: “Above all, … More Five Stars!