More Good News!

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Well folks, we’ve reached another milestone. Arrangements for the first book-signing event for The Ultimate Threat have just been finalized.

The “Chapters” chain bookstore in Kelowna, BC, will host a book signing for me on Saturday, August 22 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Come on by and have your copy of The Ultimate Threat endorsed personally to you, or to someone you choose. It will be a delight to meet you!

The location is a wonderful bonus: that’s where our daughter, Carrie, and her terrific family live. This young woman is an offspring to be proud of — she recently swam across Okanagan Lake for charity… her and about 1,200 other swimmers. An amazing young woman… an amazing group of caring people. Proud to be her dad!


That’s my handsome grandson Casey with me!


Okay, so I will admit the date and location may not be convenient for some folks, especially those in other cities on this continent and for those on the other side of the world.

However, you must admit that three weeks notice should be enough time to book your flight to Kelowna. But just in case, we are working on a Plan B – other book signings are in the process of being arranged for other cities. And there’s also an alternative. It’s described below.

Electronic Signing

This is an exciting new alternative to having a print copy of The Ultimate Threat signed for you. Now, you can arrange for me to sign your e-book copy electronically.

Yes, really!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Click on
  2. At the top of the page is a box where you enter the title, “The Ultimate Threat”, in the space designated for ‘Title or Author’
  3. Up will come a photo of the cover of my novel
  4. Click on the button: “Request Authorgraph”
  5. Then follow the prompts.

And there you have it.

Pretty cool!

Even More Good News

I’m delighted to tell you that a feature story about The Ultimate Threat has been published in the current issue of ‘The Big Thrill’, the official publication of the International Thriller Writers. The magazine has a circulation of some 16,000.


This global association has members in 28 countries who, among them, have more than 2 billion books in print. Roughly half of the members are writers like me and the other half includes readers, publishers, academics and motion picture executives from around the world. Even more than pretty cool!

If you’d like to have a peek at the story, here’s the link:  Sometimes these links don’t work, but it should if you copy and paste it into your browser.

It’s In A Contest!

I should also tell you that The Ultimate Threat has been chosen as a prize for an international book competition. It’s run by a highly-respected book reviewer, Stacey Alesi. She’s offering a bookshelf of nine thrillers as a prize and The Ultimate Threat is one of them. I’m flattered to have my novel chosen to be in the company of such respected authors.  Some 1,500 people entered her previous competition.  Here’s a link to her blog:  Why not enter and get a bookshelf full of thrillers?

Happy browsing!

Would love to hear your thoughts and get your comments.


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6 thoughts on “More Good News!

  1. I think you should have a signing at Indigo in Burlington, ON. There are plenty of us that would be there to cheer you on. Fantastic book. I can’t wait to read another of your book.


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