Free Books!

Image Courtesy of Stuart Mills

August is your lucky month!

From now until September 9, I’m giving away 10 copies of The Ultimate Threat for free!

Such a deal!

The giveaway is through, a website designed primarily for readers. It’s an online venue to help readers check out new and existing titles. It provides reviews from other readers and access to tens of thousands of books you can preview and even buy. has 40 million members around the world and about 153,000 author-members, including me.

The giveaways are based on random draws. If your name is drawn, I will send you a paperback copy of The Ultimate Threat free of charge. This is like Christmas, right? (But without that big guy in the funny red suit.) As with most draws, your chance of winning is related to the number of people who enter the draw. (BTW—They don’t allow you to enter more than once. Don’t even try!) But as we all know, if you don’t enter you surely won’t win.

Here’s the link to Goodreads: All you need do is click on the link and then on the “Enter Giveaway” box, and you’re all done. Nothing to buy, and no catches. So good luck!

Now, if you already have an eBook or print copy, good on you! And Thank YOU!!!  But, hey, how about getting one for your spouse, or your significant other, perhaps your Mom, even your mother-in-law (a peace offering?), or maybe your boss (suckin’ up works!), or just ‘cause you like having two copies. That’s allowed, too.

Hope you’re one of the lucky ones. You deserve it!


Image Credit: Courtesy of Suart Miles at

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